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50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act: 5 Things You Should Know



WASHINGTON (AP) - Only July 2, 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law the Civil Rights Act of 196

4, one of the most significant civil rights achievements in U.S. history.


This new law made it illegal to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin; It ended school, work and public facility discrimination, and barred unequal application of voter registration requirements.


Five hours after Congress approved the law, Johnson signed it, then turned and handed pens to various key figures in getting the legislation passed, including Attorney General Robert Kennedy. He went on to address the country in a nationally televised address, saying the law was a challenge for the United States to "eliminate the last vestiges of injustice in our beloved country."


In observing the law's 50th anniversary Wednesday, President Barack Obama said "few pieces of legislation have defined our national identity as distinctly, or as powerfully."


"It transformed the concepts of justice, equality, and democracy for generations to come," Obama said.




Here are five things to know about the Civil Rights Act of 1964:


Read more: http://newsone.com/3033970/civil-rights-act-anniversary-wiki


Joan Rivers' "Publically Incorrect " Remarks about President and Mrs. Obama


Lois-Ann Clark

Publisher, AABoomers.com

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I have always found Joan Rivers funny.   Irreverent at times, but funny.  However, her recent comments about President and Mrs., Obama were not the least bit funny and, in fact, were very offensive.  In case you have not heard, Rivers, who is on tour promoting her new book, was on her way to a book-signing, where she would perform a gay wedding.  When asked by a reporter if she thought we’d ever have a gay president, Rivers replied, "We already have it with Obama, so let's just calm down”.   To add insult to injury, she then quipped, “You know Michelle is a tranny” When the stunned reporter asked her to clarify her remarks, Rivers responded, “A transgender.”  “We all know”. (See video)

No, Ms. Rivers, we all don’t know.

This is not funny. Lately, Ms. Rivers has been making outrageous jokes about things that have clearly not been funny, rationalizing her mean-spirited humor by saying she is a “comedienne.”  This kind of behavior reminds me of someone who makes a rude comment intended to insult you and then apologizes, or worse, attempts  explains it by saying,” I speak my mind”.  In either case, it is inexcusable.  There can be no rational explanation for her recent statements.  She has not apologized for previous gaffes, and, so far, has not apologized for insulting the President and First Lady.

But why such mean-spirited remarks? That Rivers is “up-in-age” and may feel that she license to say anything and not be taken to task for it because of her age might be one reason, Some have speculated that her extreme plastic surgery may have been the cause.   Supposedly these ugly remarks about President and Ms. Obama have been rampant on the web for some time, maligning the President because he wears elastic band, “Mom” jeans, and using the age old of trick of masculinizing strong Black women.

Rivers, who walked off an interview on CNN recently, because the interviewer suggested her jokes were “mean”, later issued a statement through one of her representatives that her remark about the First lady was “a compliment, since all of the really beautiful worm in La Cage Au Follies were transgender”. She further stated that that the criticism of her was, “‘politically incorrect’, since she was ‘an old Jewish woman hetero-sexual’”.

What do you think?  Share your comments below.



Fifty Years After Freedom Summer, Voting Rights Act Is Needed More Than Ever

Topic of the Day


Fifty years ago, Andrew Goodman, a 20-year-old anthropology major at Queens College, went down to Mississippi for Freedom Summer. His first stop was Philadelphia, Mississippi, where he and Mickey Schwerner, a 24-year-old graduate student in social work at Columbia University, and James Chaney, a 21-year-old volunteer with the Congress for Racial Equality from Meridian, Mississippi, were sent to investigate a church burning. Schwerner and Chaney had spoken at Mount Zion Methodist Church over Memorial Day, urging local blacks to register to vote.

In 1964, only 6.7 percent of African-Americans were registered in Mississippi and not a single one in Philadelphia’s Neshoba County. The fight for voting rights was the reason Goodman traveled to Mississippi. “He just thought it was unfair that an American citizen of voting age was restrained and stopped from voting,” said his younger brother, David.

On June 21, 1964, the young civil rights activists were arrested by the Neshoba County police and then abducted by the Klan. Their bodies were found forty-four days later in an earthen dam. Goodman and Schwerner, both white, had been shot once. Chaney, who was African-American, had been mutilated beyond recognition. Martin Popper, the attorney for the Goodman family, called it “the first interracial lynching in the history of the United States.”

The murders of Goodman, Chaney and Schwerner were the starkest example of the brutality the Freedom Summer volunteers encountered from local whites. Freedom Summer “produced almost as many acts of violence by local whites as it did black voters,” wrote historian David Garrow. Mississippi didn’t change until Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act on August 6, 1965. “A lot of people lost their lives getting that Voting Rights Act into place,” said David Goodman.

Read More: ehttp://www.thenation.com/blog/180389/fifty-years-after-freedom-summer-voting-rights-act-needed-more-ever


Study: Most Whites Believe Blacks Can't Get Ahead Because of Their Own Failures

Did you Know?


Are African-Americans still held back by racial discrimination—or are African-Americans responsible for their own failures to get ahead?

That is a question that hovers over much of the current debate about race in America and it’s one that the Pew Research Center posed to a wide swath of Americans in its latest study on politics and ideology.

Not surprisingly, how Americans answered that question depended on where they fell on the political spectrum. Liberals were more likely to agree that discrimination was still holding back African-Americans while conservatives overwhelmingly said it was not.

But it was with those whose identification wasn’t strictly liberal or conservative that things got interesting. The Pew Research Center divided the nation into seven political ideologies and found that among two typically Democratic-voting groups, there was widespread agreement that Blacks who can’t get ahead are mostly responsible for their own condition.

Read More: http://atlantablackstar.com/2014/07/01/study-americans-think-blacks-cant-get-ahead-failures/

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President and Michelle Obama Celebrate 25th Anniversary of "Do The Right Thing", and Their First Date


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The movie Do The Right Thing, a film that holds special meaning for the President and First Lady., celebrated its 25th anniversary recently.

In a video shared at celebratory events, the Obamas reveal that the Spike Lee classic was “actually the first thing we saw together on our first official date.”

The President recalls, “We’d eaten lunch at the Art Institute of Chicago, gone for a little walk, and then I took her to this new movie everybody was talking about directed by a guy that not that many people had heard of, but it was supposed to be pretty good.”

Read More: http://www.gossipcop.com/president-obama-michelle-do-the-right-thing-video-tribute-first-date-movie-spike-lee-film-anniversary/


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